Good wine with good food ...

At the Birsa farm you will be served with care and attention. The house is well-known by its excellent, homemade and prepared food. For starters you can choose fine air-dried meat and bread, which deserves separateattention. The ladies in the kitchen bake the bread by adding nuts, cracklings and other extras. Their specialityare also all kinds of dumplings: with fresh cheese, with spinach; also vegetable pies and a lot more. And there is also meat: roast piglet, lamb, rabbit, and least but not last there are also traditional dishes from the Vipava Valley region: »jota« – a fine stew with sauerkraut, beans and potatoes or anyother vegetable broth. Very popular is »tris«, which consists of fresh cheesedumplings with white prosciutto sauce, gnocchi with mushroom sauceand noodles with meat sauce. A suggestion for a sweet finale wouldbe cooked dumplings and baked rolls with fruit of the season.

And finally a drop of the hard stuff: maybe you are ready for a small glass of »tropinovec« – schnapps distilled from the pomace of winepress or maybe something less serious, like fig or cherry schnapps...


aspic, piglet, beef bouillon, jota, gnocchi (withmushrooms, prosciutto,cream sauce, asparagus), noodles, tris


lamb, piglet, loin of pork baked in pastry,roast beef (with grilledmushrooms), roast pork (grilled),rabbit, goatling,rolled roast meat with prosciutto and cheese



roast potatoes, French fried potatoes, souffle potatoes, horseradish, spinach, cabbage, carrots,fresh cheese dumplings, spinach dunplings, courgette pie, leek pie, mixed salad



potica, štruklji (baked nut roll), apple strudel, Mille-feuille


Turisti─Źna kmetija Birsa Brje 18 a, 

5263 Dobravlje, 



Tel.: 05 / 36 88 113

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