Adventures on the farm

In a merry company of friends among the vines

Vintage is the most important event in the working cycle of a wine grower. It is time to work hard and also to rejoice– the work in the vineyard is finished. Vines will rest until spring, sweet grape juice begins its new life...

Grapes into barrels...

In the house there is a vaulted stone wine cellar, which along with modern technological devices and vessels also harbours wood barrels. In the cellar the master nurses cider until it turns into wine, which happens on St.Martin’s day. Next to traditional Vipava wines – blended red and white – you are going to discover alsoexcellent quality wines: Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Rebula, Merlot, Barbera...

Wine is bottled at the farm and when you leave you can take some bottles with you. You are going to enjoy the wine later on and its bouquetwill bring the Vipava Valley back.

And when invited into the cellar, do not forget to look up at the ceiling – there home-made delicacies are dried: prosciutto, salami, sausages, bacon... not to worry... with a glass of excellent wine you will get a meat tasting as well.



You can fly a few thousand years in one day, but you can stay longer, maybe spend your adventorous holidays in the Vipava Valley. The Valley is a challenge for bikers. Recreational cyclists are going to discover rich cultural heritage and charming nature in the valley while the more demanding ones can climb the steep path to the Gora on the Trnovo Plateau. Caven, Golaki, Nanos, Vipava hills are all destinations for hiking and mountaneering fans, who are going to find quite a few theme paths:Naturalistic Educational Path to the source of the Hubelj will lead you along the marvellous torrentous stream to its magnificient source; you can hike along the Vertovceva Path through villages on the Vipava hills or along the edge of the Gora past Otliško okno, Kamnita spirala, Sinji vrh... If you are keen on riding or only a horse lover and would like to learn some elementaries of this elegant sport then you are invited to the neighbours of the Birsa farm - father Oton and his both daughters are enthusiastic horse breeders. Kristina is a riding instructor while Barbara competes in horse jumping.


The Vipava valley

It is Slovenian paradise where time does not fly as elsewhere.

Waters coming from the hills make the valley eternally green and the winds from the sea bring the Mediterranean flavour. Fertile and wine-growing land has since ancient times been attracting travellers to stay here. Historians presume that there might have been inhabitants here even before Christ, maybe even in the Stone Age. Numerous archeological sites bear witness to the heyday of the Valley in the times of the Roman Empire.

The flat part of AjdovšÄina is proud of its cultural legacy. Mansions and castles, numerous churcheshiding works of art, galleries - let us mention Pilon's gallery treasuring up works of the great local artist Veno Pilon - interesting architecture, well preserved city walls of Castro, complete settlements, like Vipavski Križ, Šmarje, Šturje can be considered as ancient cultural monuments. Next to cultural passtime there is also real entertainment available. There are several theme foot paths inviting you to discover unspoiled nature. Cycling is real fun, recreation grounds are ready for sport lovers who can enjoy in basketball, football, tenis, jogging either inside at the Sports Park Police or outside at the summer swimming pool. AjdovšÄina can be admired also from the air, the brave ones can try parachuting.

People are proverbially warm and visitors are welcome on the Vipava Wine Road, where generosity towards guests is shown at wine-growing and tourist farms and a few times a year also at so called »Osmice«. Traditional local dishes and wines will be served.

All more detailed information on AjdovšÄina is available at the Tourist-Information Centre in AjdovšÄina.

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